TAQELAH Lightning Talks 2020

5 SEP 2020 16:00 (GMT+8)
15 speakers, 10 minutes each, Exciting prizes
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Meet our awesome speakers
Michelle Chua Lagare
President and Founder
QE 360
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Kunal Ashar
Senior QA Engineer
Works Applications
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Vandana Sonakiya
Quality Analyst
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Poorva Aamod Gokhale
Sr. Manager (Quality & DevOps)
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Anil Prabhakar Borse
Sr. Software Test Engineer
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Oleksandr Romanov
Software Engineer
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Manoj kumar kumar
Principal Consultant
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Atmaram Raghunath Naik
Quality Analyst
Technogise Private Ltd
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Sudharsan Selvaraj
Senior Test Engineer
Dell Boomi
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Unmesh Gundecha
Senior Architect, Test Engineering
Standard Chartered Bank
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Sandra Sebastian John
QA Lead
Cuelogic Technologies
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Mary Grace Mallari
Web Automation Tester / Evangelist
Home Credit Philippines / Women Who Code Manila
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Martin Schneider
Senior Software Engineer
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Goh Chun Lin
Senior Information Technology Engineer
National University of Singapore
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Anand Bagmar
Software Quality Evangelist
Essence Of Testing
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16:00 - 16:05


Welcome speech

16:07 - 16:17

Building A Remote Testing Career

During this pandemic, a lot of IT professionals continue working through what used to be a company perk that is known to us as "work from home". What most professionals don't know is that they can do it as long as they want, anytime, anywhere. Learn how to build a remote testing career from this talk. This is for both with and without testing experience.

Talk video: here

16:19 - 16:29

Developing and Working of an API

We use API via postman/automated checks to test it but most of them don't know how API's are built and have it works? Why API has path/query param? Why do we need to provided specific types of headers while calling an API?

This talk will cover below key takeaways:
- There is more to API than just pressing the send button and getting the response.
- Verifying Response Code and Response Body is not enough.
- Understanding multiple touchpoints that should be correct to get a response.
- Learning about different parameters and their use.

Slides: here | Talk video: here

16:31 - 16:41

Microservices - Testing Approach

Microservice testing approach and how documentation method impacts on testing.

Slides: here | Talk video: here

16:43 - 16:53

Struggles of being a QA Manager

After having done the role of a QA Manager for many years now, I have realised that our struggles are very unique.
A lot of times, QA Managers are the only people representing “Quality” in a meeting with the top management. More often than not, they work very hard to convince everyone that product quality cannot be achieved with testing or automated tests alone.
Sometimes, they have to endlessly persuade other testers with keen interest in automation to do exploratory testing too. Yes, they have to face the heat from all sides.
With some fun examples from my journey, in this talk, I hope to convey some introspective points in an entertaining way.

Slides: here | Talk video: here

16:55 - 17:05

API automation made easy with Karate DSL

With the widespread use of micro-services architecture, API testing has taken an important place in software testing.
As API's are independent and stable, it's an opportunity for the QA team to automate them first and then validate it through automated API tests.
Karate DSL comes up with quite a simple framework to develop automated API tests. We don't even have to develop any additional codes mostly, because it's a very comprehensive and powerful library!

Following are the key takeaways from this talk:
1. An API automation first approach.
2. Start API automation with minimal programming background.
3. Write readable API test code.

Slides: here | Talk video: here

17:07 - 17:17

Practical Contract Testing with Spring Cloud Contract

For the last couple of years, it becomes a widespread approach for building robust backend systems. But one of the biggest challenges is to keep the balance between speed and quality in microservice delivery. Is it enough to test service in isolation and push it to production? Do end - to - end UI tests for the whole system provides sufficient test coverage Is it possible to have more confidence in the release but get feedback earlier in the development cycle? In my talk, I will tell you how contract testing can improve quality and minimize integration issues between services. What technical and technological considerations you should take into account when starting with contract testing. And also - we will get an idea whether contract testing suits in your current project or not?

Slides: here | Talk video: here

17:19 - 17:29

Visual testing toolbox

The most common use-case for visual testing is regression testing using baseline images. However, in this talk, we will focus on different aspects of visual testing. We will cover template matching (using OpenCV), layout testing (using Galen) and OCR (using Tesseract) and show how to seamlessly integrate these tools into your existing Appium and Selenium tests.

Slides: here | Talk video: here

17:29 - 17:34


5 minutes break time

17:36 - 17:46

How to use corr for automating adhoc testdata

When you are doing day to day testing creating test data is repetitive task that you do most of the times with different variations. The typical test data creation process involves hitting series of apis grabing value from one api and passing it to next apis in series (If done via api) or inserting/updating/deleting few values in db in similar manner. Observing this trend I came up with open-source tool which has helped my teams in various projects to automate test data part for adhoc testing/development.

Slides: here | Talk video: here

17:48 - 17:58

Exploring Selenium beyond tests

Selenium is often considered as a testing tool but in fact, it is capable of doing a lot of heavy lifting in performing repeating manual tasks. I'm here to showcase few uncommon use cases where selenium can be used in a very fun way.

Slides: here | Talk video: here

18:00 - 18:10

Building an Awesome Developer Experience (DX)

We talk a lot about building a great User Experience (UX) in applications we develop. But how about creating a great user experience for the development teams who make these apps? A great Developer Experience (DX) for developer users enables them to be more productive and focused on what is required - building great apps that business needs, and delight customers. This talk briefly covers
  • What is the Developer Experience (DX)?
  • Elements of a great developer experience
  • Key examples
  • Slides: here | Talk video: here

    18:12 - 18:22

    Identifying KPIs & Bottlenecks in Web Applications

    An application’s performance relies on two factors – Frontend & Backend performance. The frontend performance is dependent on factors like the browser, network conditions and frontend technologies used. But the backend is critical as it depends on multiple systems and their ability to work together as a well-oiled machine when integrated together. In a typical application, for the backend we have the APIs, databases, application and database servers. So, all of them working together is crucial for the health of the application. Identifying the KPIs (key performance indicators) and bottlenecks help us understand the overall performance health of the application. Points of Discussion
  • SOP for API Response Time
  • Identifying most time-consuming SQL Query
  • Standard queries to check running thread
  • Understanding Query plans and time-consuming query areas (Demo if time permits)
  • Database Servers (RDS – CPU, Db Connections formed)
  • AWS Application Servers (Lambdas & EC2 – CPU Utilization, CloudWatch)
  • Slides: here | Talk video: here

    18:24 - 18:34

    Testing Adventures: Transitioning from Manual to Automation

    Coming from a manual testing background, sharing how we can easily ramp up to write automated tests. There are some challenges we may encounter during the transition and it will then turn out to be our learnings on how to be able to succeed in automated testing. In preparation for the automated test, we should know about the three conceptual phases of a test: Arrange, Act, Assert. Good testing has always the combination of manual and automated testing. At some level, manual testing has to remain like an ad hoc test, exploratory test, prototype, usability, and UX test.

    Slides: here | Talk video: here

    18:36 - 18:46

    Testing GraphQL API in 10 minutes

    The API development is not new, and it has been around for many years now, and the technologies evolve so does the way to create APIs change too. We’ve Seen SOAP, and REST all these years. Now we have a cool new way of designing APIs called GraphQL - developed by Facebook. GraphQL solves some of the key problems that persist in REST APIs. Today, GraphQL powers a variety of companies such as Airbnb, Atlassian, Audi, CNBC, GitHub, Netflix, Shopify, The New York Times, Twitter, and Pinterest. GraphQL also powers hundreds of billions of API calls a day on Facebook social media platforms.

    Slides: here | Talk video: here

    18:48 - 18:58

    Automated GUI Testing for UWP Apps using Appium and Azure DevOps

    In the past, in order to test the GUI part of an UWP app, there is Coded UI Test available. However, recently, Microsoft announced that Coded UI Test for automated UI-driven functional testing was deprecated and recommended the developers of UWP to use alternatives such as Selenium or Appium. In this talk, I am going to share about how to do automated UWP GUI testing with Appium and later also how we could include the GUI test as part of our build pipeline in Azure DevOps.

    Slides: here | Talk video: here

    19:00 - 19:10

    Does your functional automation really add value?

    We all know that automation is one of the key enablers for those on the CI-CD journey. Most teams are:
  • implementing automation
  • talking about its benefits
  • up-skilling themselves
  • talking about tooling
    In your experience, or in your current project:
  • How long does it take for tests to run and generate reports?
  • In most cases, the product-under-test is available on multiple platforms – ex: Android & iOS Native, and on Web. In such cases, for the same scenario that needs to be automated, is the test implemented once for all platforms, or once per platform?
  • How easy is it to debug and get to the root cause of failures?
  • How long does it take to update an existing test?
  • How long does it take to add a new test?
  • Do your tests run automatically via CI on a new build, or do you need to “trigger” the same?
  • What is the test passing percentage?
  • Do you “rerun” the failing tests to see if this was an intermittent issue?
  • Is there control on the level of parallel execution and switch to sequential execution based on context?
  • How clean & DRY is the code?
    In my experience, unfortunately most of the functional automation that is built is:
  • not optimal
  • not fit-for-purpose
  • does not run fast enough
  • gives inconsistent feedback, hence unreliable
    Hence, for the amount of effort invested in implementing automation, are you really getting the value from this activity? In this talk, we will discuss these challenges and why it would lead to poor ROI of automation. More importantly, we will discuss the following techniques to make automation valuable:
  • know the objective for the automation framework
  • establish criteria for tests to be automated
  • design your framework with proper abstraction layers
  • develop using appropriate design patterns
  • Slides: here | Talk video: here

    19:10 - 19:20

    Kahoot Quiz & Winner Declaration



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